“I first met Bernard through my business and on the computer. His extensive research gave him an edge only known by our lifelong residents. His ability to put together a package deal for his friends covered every aspect of travel, lodging, fisheries, and geographic area. This man can orchestrate a perfect plan for the minimum amount of money. Follow his blueprints and you can’t go wrong. He lands the kinds of dreams that the average person can afford!”

Capt. Andrew Christescu
Kodiak, Alaska

Author's note: Capt. Andrew Christescu of Kodiak, Alaska, helped guide me to this silver-bright king salmon. Apache Indian blood runs through this man, and I can assure you his spirit rubbed off on me. 

“Planning a year in advance is the key to a successful trip. When I travel with Bernard I get the pleasure of fishing my heart out until I can fish no more. He doesn’t forget a thing. He checks and rechecks everything until he gets the best deal on air fare, best value on lodging, and best price on charter. And just when you think he’s left something out, you’re wrong, because he covered it!”

Thomas Krause Jr.
Sarasota, Florida

Author's note: My friend, Thomas Krause Jr., displays a limit catch of silver salmon caught at Montana Creek right off the Palmer Highway. Tom is an artist and his fish and bear illustrations will compliment your enjoyment of the book. 


“Unless a trip of this magnitude is intelligently thought out, it can be an expensive disaster. He made a lifelong dream come true for me at an affordable price. He promised me the trip of a lifetime, and he was right. I look forward to our next Alaskan fishing adventure with great anticipation!”

Ronald Hagen
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Author's note: Ronald Hagen is another fishing companion that I brought to Alaska. His karma landed everything including conversation with both mother and daughter Christescu, Deb and Danielle.



"As a 35 year resident of Kodiak, I can attest that there has never been information published that gives as much detailed knowledge dedicated to helping the fisherman as much as this book. The author has spent extensive time researching river systems, conditions, and seasons to provide the reader a one-stop shopping guide for fishing adventure and success. This book is destined to be pulled off the shelf to become your bible and road-map to some of the best fishing you will ever find on our Emerald Isle!”

Ron Eller, Licensed Guide/Owner, Beaver Creek Lodge
Kodiak, Alaska

"I’ve had the chance to observe Bernard at work during those trips when I have joined him on Kodiak Island. His methodical research ran all the way from fishing rivers and oceans right down to interviewing the local population. Always hard at work from early morning until late at night, his planning and preparation for anything related to the Kodiak experience was nothing less than meticulous. Readers will enjoy his grasp of the local flavor, and his book will provide valuable information to anyone!"

Tim Carney
Sarasota, Florida

"I've spent time with Bernard every time he has come to Kodiak, and his thorough research is by far the best I have ever observed. Rest assured, Rosenberg's book will cover everything you will ever need to know for your trip!"

Mike O'Neal, Licensed Guide/Owner Kodiak ATV Adventures
Kodiak, Alaska