The Internet has so many sites to visit that it is impossible to surf them all. Web pages, (even this one), just keep coming and coming. Thereís no doubt about it; the information highway that will provide you with up to date and timely information is electronic.

Here are my top sites and the reasons why I will send you send you there:

www.adn.com  This is the site of the Anchorage Daily News. This online newspaper will keep you abreast of the comings and goings around the state you are about to visit. Being in the know never hurt anyone, and when you start to read it you become familiar with the issues that affect the people you are about to meet. Enrich your life by knowing about theirs, and it will compliment your trip. This service is free. 


www.sf.adfg.state.ak.us  This is the site of The Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Everything that you need to know about your sport fishing adventure is linked to that site. Fishing Alaska is not a circumstance of blind luck. It is a circumstance of good planning. Information runs their pages just like the fish. Spend time in their stream and youíll limit out, guaranteed. This service is free. 


www.outdoorsdirectory.com  Fishermen love to talk. And there is no finer site on where they do it than on this one. Meticulously hosted by webmaster David Johnson, this site will allow you to follow the posted questions and answers relative to what will happen on the end of your line. The local boys are there, and the information and tips they can provide you are simply outstanding. The site goes beyond posting; products and articles abound that will enrich your mind and whet your angling appetite. Highly recommended. This service is free. 


www.alaskamagazine.com  This is Alaskaís favorite magazine about life on The Last Frontier. Rich in articles and steep with advertising, it allows you to have a greater understanding about the area you are destined to visit. Founded in 1935 as The Alaska Sportsman, itís been around a long time. Any publication that survives that long has got to be good. It is. This monthly magazine is by subscription and is worth the price. 


www.fishalaskamagazine.com  This relative newcomer hit the display racks in 2001. It centers solely on one thing, and thatís Alaskaís fish and what it takes to get them. Rich in photos, (and you can even send in yours), this 10-issue per year publication is devoted to the angler who journeys to the top of the world. The only thing that tops this type of publication is your reading the summer issue while on your plane heading north. This magazine is by subscription and is worth the price. 


www.virtualguidebooks.com  The only circumstance that comes close to your being in Alaska is your ability to step right into pictures of it. With the mastery of this siteís author, you get to do exactly that. Berkley instructor Donald Bain has engineered an amazing site that offers up 360 degree panorama pictures of some of the most spectacular natural beauty on the North American Continent. You literally can direct your cursor to look up, look down, go left, go right, zoom in, zoom out, and the effect puts you in the photo. Youíll see everything Bain saw, and Alaska is included in his fabulous journeys. Absolutely spectacular. This service is free.


www.kenaidreams.com   If I ever discovered anyone who is absolutely in love with the chase of sockeye salmon, this is the guy! Mike Cannon's artistic creativity and sense of humor abounds in his own site. If you ever wanted to know what it's like to be a Lower 48 resident who is infected with Alaska Fish Fever then visit here!


www.bclodgekodiak.com  Beaver Creek Lodge is among the finest in roadside accommodations on all of Kodiak Island. Seldom can a traveler find a location so rich in convenience, amenities, warmth, and ambiance as this place. Hosts Ron and Judy Eller have put together an Alaskan presentation that is superior! This property is absolutely top shelf and reasonable. Highly recommended.


www.bayviewlodgingkodiak.com If your desire is one of privacy with complete amenities, this is the place. Bay View Lodge is a custom bottom floor condo with every elegant touch provided for you. Your hosts are Andy and Deb Chritsicue, and they do everything to assure your comfort in this spotless setting centered in the town of Kodiak .

www.kodiakcustom.com Lure manufacturer Tony Davis produces the finest spinner made in Alaska . His website is an absolute eye-opener and his fish galleries will knock your socks off. His product line is the finest ever, and I can assure you that when I spin fish in Alaska it is his lures that are tied to the end of my line.

www.kodiakatvadventures.com If there is one single adventure not to be missed on Kodiak Island it is the all day guided trip on an all terrain vehicle. Licensed guide Mike O'Neal, operates this superior outfitting service that penetrates the wilds of Alaska to bring you to the finest fishing spots known only by the locals. This is a thriller not to be missed.

www.electronicfishinglures.com Last but not least is this website owned by me. I offer a complete line of battery operated submersible lures designed for Alaska that produce remarkable results. This is new technology. Who would have ever imagined that you could sink an electronic strobe light into an offering and throw it to a fish? The results are awesome and I have the proof to support it. The final evolution in artificial fishing is now right at your fingertips and what I have will amaze you