Reason for Writing It

As I continued to fish and research mainland Alaska , I came to the realization that many roadside fisheries had become overcrowded. Places I used to fish almost alone had become so packed with people that combat fishing had become almost the norm. The fish are still there, and the streams are still managed, but they are now packed with anglers and they will not let up. Kodiak is the viable option. It offers all the amenities of the mainland for the self-guided angler at reasonable rates. Fishing is just as spectacular, but the big difference is that it is still relatively uncrowded. From custom packages to going it alone, this book will show you the way. This is the first and only book to the fisheries of Kodiak Island ever written.


Kodiak Fishing at Any Angle is a softbound book. It measures 6 by 9 inches. There are 18 chapters and 226 pages. There are over 225 photos and illustrations and all are in full color. Fishing tables that define roadside opportunities tell you where you to go and when. Two full-page maps illustrate island location and roadway opportunities. Eighteen daily journal entries accentuate text. From the Table of Contents and to the Index, it is all complete. There is neither a single phone number nor a single address listed, for these things change. Instead, the book is devised with information and instruction on how the reader can use a computer keyword search to gain timely data that will lead to a successful catch. Face it. It's an electronic age. The information highway that will assist the reader to the best deals and where the fish are is also electronic. I'll show you how to utilize it and take full advantage of it. It's that simple. Price: $19.95



Table of Contents
Eighteen chapters serve to provide the first-time angler with total information to ensure a cost-efficient and successful trip.  Click Image for an enlargement...

Preface: You'll fully understand why this book was written and how it will help you.

Introduction: You'll discover how I first wound up in this fantastic place and how I kept learning each time I returned.

Getting Started: I identify the key information sources that are available for you to use in planning your trip.

An Island Overview: I point out the complete topography and the weather elements that will surround you throughout your entire journey.

Kodiak History: From discovery to the present day, everything that has historical value that impacts your stay is revealed.

Establishing Your Fishery: Criteria to enable you to decide exactly where to fish is completely explained.

Getting There:Information relative to air or ferry transportation to and from Kodiak Island is clearly presented.

Packing for Your Trip: Everything you need to bring with you, I clearly define.

Vehicle Rental: All the ins and outs of what you will face in personal transportation is revealed.

Accommodations: Every opportunity in linking your fishery to where you can stay is categorized.

Communities: Be it in-town or a remote village, data relative to where you elect to stay is outlined..

Finding the Fish : Face it. You are there for the catch. This chapter shows you where the fish will be.

Species at Sea: Angling opportunities in the waters that surround Kodiak are identified.

Salmon Smorgasbord: All five salmon species and what it takes to get them is revealed.

Trout and Char: No fish is left behind. Everything you need to know about catching these beauties is explained.

Road System Opportunities: You'll learn how to find just about every productive spot on Kodiak's entire Road System.

Charters and Excursions: I'll take you to affordable adventures that most anglers only dream of.

Bring It All Back Home: You will catch, and I will assist you in getting it all back to your doorstep.

Savor the Flavor: Your prizes deserve the best in preparation. This area shows you how to chef with the best.

Kodiak Goods and Services: Terrific opportunities that can support your Kodiak experience are shown in this final chapter.