Reason for Writing It

I wrote this book because there was a need for it. Sure; there were plenty of books out there that told the reader where to fish. And there just as many that told the reader how to fish. Many dealt with fantastic places and ignored fantastic prices. Not a one of them considered the first-time angler and the myriad responsibilities that confronted him or her. Fishing Alaska is one thing. Getting there is another. No one ever linked the two together in sequence. I did. And I did it with tips and advice to allow the average fisherman to take a dream and turn it into a reality. Iíd been there and Iíd done that. And what I learned, I shared. Thatís why I wrote it.


Alaska Fishing On A Budget is a softbound book. It measures 6 by 9 inches. There are 16 chapters and 111 pages. There are over 70 photos and illustrations and all are in full color. Fishing tables that define roadside opportunities tell you where you to go and when. A full-page map that illustrates these roadways is there as well. From the Table of Contents and to the Index, it is all complete. There is neither a single phone number nor a single address listed, for these things change. Instead, the book is devised with information and instruction on how the reader can use a computer keyword search to gain timely data that will lead to a successful catch. Face it. It's an electronic age. The information highway that will assist the reader to the best deals and where the fish are is also electronic. I'll show you how to utilize it and take full advantage of it. It's that simple. Price: $14.95



Table of Contents
Sixteen chapters serve to provide the first-time angler with total information to ensure a cost-efficient and successful trip.  Click Image for an enlargement...

Purpose: Youíll fully understand why this book was written and how it will help you.

Introduction: Youíll discover how I first wound up in this fantastic place and how I kept learning each time I returned.

Understanding Salmon: I identify the 5 species youíll meet, why they migrate as they do, and what it takes to get them and how they differ in quality and taste.

Making the Commitment: Once you make up your mind to go, Iíll show you how to put time on your side and utilize it to your full advantage, including free trips.

Utilizing Resource Materials: Iíll show you how to get so much free material itís unbelievable. All will assist you. And those that you should purchase, I identify.

Timing Your Trip: I define the ideal length for the first-timer and the dates you might schedule. I even address what to do if your vacation slot is locked in.

Targeting Fishing Locations: My fishing tables will show you the forecasted runs of salmon as you run to catch them. Every highway is detailed to assist you.

Arranging Your Flight and Itinerary: What you need to know about flights, and how you schedule your days, I explain. From campgrounds to motels, youíre aided.

Selecting Your Rental Vehicle: All the ins and outs of what you will face in your transportation options are revealed. Youíll learn what to rent and why.

Choosing Your Equipment: From rods, reels, and lines; and what belongs on the end of it, I will tell you.

Necessities in the Field: Every single thing that covers you, from what you carry to what you wear, is carefully pointed out to assure your trip in being successful.

Bugs, Bears, and Rain Showers: These are the 3 variables that might confront any angler. In each circumstance, I assist you in dealing with each and every one.

Packing for the Trip: Every imaginable item, from your suitcases to what you should put in them, I define. Nothing is left out. Everything will assist you.

Stocking Up in Anchorage: All items that you will need to purchase from the gateway city of your fishing adventure are listed. I even show you where to shop.

On the Road: From critters to traffic, from delays to surface conditions, Iíll ready you for what you are about to encounter. Iíll even point out free stuff along the way.

Technique and Etiquette: Youíll learn how to rig your gear, play your fish, and manage yourself in crowded conditions. By the time you finish, youíll be a pro.

Preserving and Processing your Catch: Whether you eat it, freeze it, or choose to have it commercially prepared, Iíll show you how. Salmon is delicious.

Getting Home: All those final things that must be dealt with to ensure your successful return are listed in sequence. From your fish to you, Iíve got you covered.